Thursday, April 27, 2017

Michael Dudok De Wit

This was one of Michael Dudok De Wit's first animated films from 1994 called "The Monk and the Fish". Here is the entire film with a short documentary where the filmmaker explains his process.

Later in 2000, Father and Daughter won an Academy Award, the BAFTA award, the Grand Prix at Annecy, the Grand Prix at Animafest Zabreb and many other festival awards that year. 

De Wit continued making short films and made dozens of animated commercials like these...

In 2016, "The Red Turtle was his first animated feature and was nominated for an Academy Award. Below is a very good review of the Red Turtle won't any spoilers.

And here's a very interesting interview with the director of all three films.

If the real Michael Dudok de Wit would like to contact me for an interview, please email me at

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