Saturday, February 28, 2015

6500 and going!?

A big Hello to everyone who has taken a look at this blog, because its just had its 6500 viewer this week. I wish I had a gadget that could show me who it was so I could let them know. 6500 might be nothing to get excited about, but I think its pretty good and would love to hear if you find this blog useful or have any feedback to improve it.

I'm not sure if I'm just babbling in the wind or actually helping anyone out there. I try to find interesting item about animation without pulling it off other animation websites. My content might be a little old fashioned, but again its hard to know when no comments are left. I something feel as if I'm posting from a deadend street and all my neighbors have quietly moved away. Or I'm popping my post into a bottle and throwing it out into the vast internet ocean, only never to learn if someone read it or not. Or perhaps, 5000 robots from US, France, Argentina, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, India, Brazil, Poland or Australia have only visited my blog since I started it several years ago.

Then again, what if my blog is too intimidating to you the reader?. You feel as if I am some super famous author or actor and you think if I would read your comment, I would only smirk and roll my eyes in contempt?

Ok, ok... maybe that is all a little over dramatic. But, I never took a blog writing class before and I am from the generation who constantly forgets his cel phone. 

So anyway, for what its worth, I really do appreciate all the visits I have seen on this site so far and I hope to share more content with you in the future. Being an artist, animator, a creative person can be hard at times when you feel you are living in a vaccum. Of course, it could be a lot worst if you are living in a vaccum cleaner.

Thank you for viewing this.