Friday, April 12, 2019

Mike Owens

Mike Owens works from his home studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota. About a year ago, he shared it with a crew of artists who were storyboarding on Danger and Eggs.

Here's an interview with Mike Owens from his home studio in St Paul, Minnesota about his work on his first animated show.

See more of Mike Owens's work, visit...

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mike Roberts; Animation Director

A native of Canada who became a US citizen and is now working on some big projects he can't talk about at this time. Take a listen to the link below. In this interview, Mike Roberts discusses his early life, animation projects which he can talk about and his path to becoming an Animation Director.

Beginning Tuesday, March 26th @ 1pm and 10pm until the next Tuesday, Listen to this link to WU Radio.
or anytime on Soundcloud:

Here are several other projects he has either animated or directed so far...

His first film, "Rumbleseat"
Animated Titles and more for "Tales of the Rat Fink"
Bojack Horseman (Opening Titles)

Bojack Horeseman Titles from Mike Roberts on Vimeo.

Animation Director on "TripTank"

TripTank Titles

Mike will work on short films to test out a technique or just to discover something new. Check out all his videos and more at Mike Roberts on Vimeo

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And our first international interview with Aya Suzuki,
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Aya Suzuki: Animation Artist

Aya Suzuki is a 2D Story Artist, Animator, Concept Artist living in London and my special guest on the Live Streaming from London episode on YouTube Animateducated. Here's the link below and her Demo Reel.

Her 2005 graduation film, she did at University.
Wooden Island from Monica Gallab on Vimeo.

 Pencil tests and Final footage from "The Illusionist" 2010

Wolf Children 2012, 
Anime Mirai: Death Billiards 2013
‘Death Billiards’ pencil test, final comparison from Aya Suzuki on Vimeo.

Aya can adapt to any style, from realistic Anime to cartoon cats.
O2 Make Them Giants 2015. Animating camera motion in 2D animation takes a lot of skill and study.

Ethel & Ernest 2016
Isle of Dogs 2018

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