Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Final Woodbury 24 Hour Animation films

Throughout the night, 35 busy animation students of Woodbury University, continued to work on their :30 second animation projects for this year's 24 Hours animation contest. Some took naps while other team members worked into the early hours of Saturday morning. Progress was being made slowly frame by frame.

I got there around 8:30am to see how everyone was doing. Most were tired, but they still were on the clock and ready to face the final hours.

Breakfast came around 9am, Ric Heitzman brought donuts and coffee while Sue Kroyer arrived with homemade muffins and fresh fruit.

The students enjoyed them both and showed us the progress they had made during the night.

Soon it was back to work to finish their projects before the deadline later in the day around 4pm. Now its Crunch time.

That Final Hour
With the goal in sight, the 23rd hour goes by quicker than normal. Many teams submitted their projects before this hour while others are still finalizing things up. 

Things can go wrong now or take longer to accomplish during this final hour, especially due to lack of or no sleep. Uploading takes longer than normal, even clicking your mouse seems slower as well. The Pressure is on now and the deadline is getting closer and closer. Will they make it in time?

Well, I'm happy to report that after all the hard work in a 24 hour period, here are the final animated films of the 2017's 24 hours animation contest from Woodbury University.
If you have any comments for the animators, please let us know...  And now, here are their films.

Team Deception 

Team Get us out of here

Team Charlie's Animators

Team Lemon Bar

Team Taco Holiday

 A Team

Team Hunky Brunch

All in all, everyone had a great time and I am proud of of all 35 who stepped up and made it happen. If you have any comments or suggestions for any of the teams, please leave a comment below. And click on the ads to show your love for this animation blog.

Get a good night's sleep everyone and hopefully we will do this again next year. Good night...

But the story continues...
Next Post: 24 Hours Animation Contest Winners 2017

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