Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Animation on Glass

I remember first seeing a few of Caroline Leaf's films while in college in Chicago. I believe she came to the Art Institute to show her work. Ms Leaf pioneered sand, paint-on-glass and scratch animation during her 20-year tenure at the NFB. I recently came across this excellent "Making of" documentary featuring Caroline  talking about her work and demonstrating her technique. Enjoy...

There are also clips from her previous films and below is "The Street". Using watercolor and ink on glass, Leaf illustrates the reactions to a dying grandmother, capturing family feelings and distilling them into harsh reality.

I contacted the actual Caroline Leaf and if she responds, I'll let you know...)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5000+ Blog Views


To celebrate our WatchCat Files blog's 5,000 all time views, Greg Bradley and I attempted a live streaming "Blogcast" to say thank you to our viewers. Below is the first blogcast recorded on Tex Avery's birthday 2/26

Check out the WatchCat Films YouTube channel  for the next WatchCat Blogcast featuring
"NOIR", a new independent feature from Greg Bradley and Lee Anthony Smith.

Since reading this, we are now up to 5476 views.

Monday, February 1, 2016

About Storyboard Pitching

Things are going good at Animateducated! 

  • Our "All time Views" are up to 11040!
         October = 648, November = 397, December = 577, January = 1781
  • November 1st, we added ads to the site to see if any extra income could be generated. So far, viewers are clicking on the ads to support this blog; however we'll let you know when Google sends the first check, which could be in a few years. So please, click the ads if you like the posts. 
                               Thank You and keep clicking!
  • "Meet the Patels" is now out on Netflix, Youtube, VUDU, Amazon Video and Itunes. Its a very funny and touching documentary with animated segments that did the character designs for.
  •  The WatchCat Files blog is going to celebrate its 5,000 blog view on Friday, February 26th (Tex Avery's Birthday) at 7:00pm PDT. A live streaming "BlogCast" where you will be able to ask questions and get answers on the WatchCat Films Youtube channel.

Storyboard Pitching

Storyboard pitching was developed by the Walt Disney Studios, but the process also has been used by live action Feature films, videogame companies and advertising agencies. Here's how an ad agency develops a commercial using this process. The Client contact the Agency to produce a commerical featuring their new product. The Creative Director assigns his Copywriter and Art Director team, to come up with a funny situation to sell the Client's product. The "Creative Team" brings to brainstorm ideas and eventually they produce 3 storyboard concepts which they present or "Pitch" to the Creative Director.

The process of pitching a board in advertising begins with the Art Director describing the visual information or action. When finished, the storyboard is now described a second time by the Copywriter, who reads what is being said, known as "the Copy".

Whichever concept board sells the product best will be chosen. Revisions will be made and eventually a new board will be produced and presented again. Once the Agency has several boards developed and have been reviewed "In House'. Its off to the Client's meeting room to present the presentation boards to the Client for the first time... 

Here are a few videos about how to pitch a storyboard by the great story artist Joe Ranft and Animation Director, Eric Goldberg. Here's a link to how to pitch a storyboard.

Animation Director Eric Goldberg pitches a storyboard for "Trouble Shooter", a Disney short that was never made.

Looking for new artists and animators for future posting. If this sounds like you or you know someone who would be interested in a quick and painless interview, please contact:

Happy Year of the Monkey!