Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017 24hrs Contest Winners


This year's 24 hour animation contest began on Friday, Oct 6th and 183 short animated films of 30 seconds were created in the period of 24 hours. The theme was, "One of these things is not like the others," Enjoy the top 5 films.

5th Place: Sherry Babies, Sheridan College

4th Place: Team Combo Meal: San Jose State University

3rd Place: Pham Jam, Seneca College

2nd Place: The Ani-Mates, Ringling Art & Design

And in First Place!

Bear Eats Mackerel - Sheridan College

There is a bonus to all the teams who created a film in 24 hours, but didn't win the top 5 prizes. They can now fix up anything to improve their story, animation, editing, sound, etc and included it into their reel or portfolio.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Final Woodbury 24 Hour Animation films

Throughout the night, 35 busy animation students of Woodbury University, continued to work on their :30 second animation projects for the year's 24 Hours animation contest. Some took naps while other team members worked into the early hours of Saturday morning. Progress was being made slowly frame by frame.

I got there around 8:30am to see how everyone was doing. Most were tired, but they still were on the clock and ready to face the final hours.

Breakfast came around 9am, Ric Heitzman brought donuts and coffee while Sue Kroyer arrived with homemade muffins and fresh fruit.

The students enjoyed them both and showed us the progress they had made during the night.

Soon it was back to work to finish their projects before the deadline later in day around 4pm. Now its Crunch time.

That Final Hour
With the goal in sight, the 23rd hour goes by quicker than normal. Many teams submitted their projects before this hour while others are still finalizing things up. 

Things can go wrong now or take longer to accomplish during this final hour especially due to lack of or no sleep. Uploading takes longer than normal, even clicking your mouse seems slower as well. The Pressure is on now and the deadline is getting closer and closer. Will they making it in time?

Well, I'm happy to report that after all the hard work in a 24 hour period, here are the final animated films of the 2017 24 hours animation contest from Woodbury University.
If you have any comments for the animators, please let us know...  And now, here are their films.

Team Deception 

Team Get us out of here

Team Charlie's Animators

Team Lemon Bar

Team Taco Holiday

 A Team

Team Hunky Brunch

All in all, everyone had a great time and I am proud of of all 35 who stepped up and made it happen. If you have any comments or suggestions for any of the teams, please leave a comment below. And click on the ads to show your love for this animation blog.

Get a good night's sleep everyone and hopefully we will do this again next year. Good night...

But the story continues...
Next Post: 24 Hours Animation Contest Winners 2017

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Friday, October 6, 2017

And the 2017 24 Hours begins...

In past month, students have been preparing for this year's 24 Hours Animation Contest and have formed into teams. Each team has 5 students, some team members have been through the process before, while others are doing this for the first. Everyone is up for the challenge.

Each year this contest increases in size due to its popularity. Last year's contest in 2016 there were 27 schools participating and 124 teams or 620 students in competition. This year, there are 44 schools schools participating with 183 Teams completing or 915 students all working to complete a :30 second animated film based on the theme in 24 hours.

The 2017 Woodbury University 24 Hours animation teams gathered in the Design Center's D105 at 3pm. Great hordes of excited Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors gathered as timid,but curious Freshman stayed to watch. The live streaming announcement came from Aubry Mintz in his top secret classroom, hidden somewhere in Long Beach, CA.

The goal of the 24 hours contest is to create a 30 second animation piece from a theme which is announced at the beginning by 24 Hours. Aubry Mintz, Associate Professor at CSULB welcomes all the school's participating, thanks the sponsors who have donated prizes to the final top five winners and finally announces the theme of this year's 24 Hours contest.

This year's theme was announced by Mintz on Friday, Oct 6th at 3:30pm PST and is as follows.

The 24 HOURS 2017 THEME:

Is based on the Sesame Street song, " One of these things is not like the others."

Let the Brain Storming begin! 
And off they go in a wild giggle of animation students to find an area to work. Some are on Macs, others are on PCs and a few have taken over the Stop Motion studio. Snacks appear along with laptops, pencils and pens. Dry erase boards are suddenly filling up with thumbnail sketches, words, images and ideas are starting to be born.

The Creative process is alive tonight and everyone is working on turning this year's theme into their own unique vision. There are a variety of animation projects being produced from Traditional, to Digital and even stop motion.

But with great brain power comes food for thought. At around 9pm, Several pizzas were delivered. 


All the students took a quick dinner break and returned to a long night of animation ahead.

And into the night they work.

Next Post: The final WU films

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meet the 2017 WU Animation Teams

This Friday at 3pm PST, the 2017 24 hours Animation Contest will begin. I thought you might like to take a look at the early beginnings of the contest and how Aubry Mintz came up with this unique learning experience. And then, meet the 2017 Woodbury University Animation Teams.

And now,


The 2017 Woodbury University Animation Teams

 Team Lemon Bar
Terra Nova Clinton, Jon Paramel, Kyla Mercado,  
Connie Chakma(Team Captain), and Lubna Abedin

The Hunky Brunch
Caitlin Kinkead (Team Captain),  
Shayne Cui, Mia Datuin,  
Hans Voegeli and Cruz Godinez

Get us out of here

Mimi Simhon, Catherine Broyles, Jackee Godin,  
Waverly Alonso (Team Captain) and Haley Weed

Team Deception
Juliane Snowden (Team Captain), Daisey Hoover, Eleyse Leatherwood,
Alexis Minguez. Front: Shaina Carroll.

A Team
Remington Radcliffe, Chip Cooney,  Dani Bowman (Team Captain), Jose Martinez and Luis Mendivil

Charlie's Animators

Lauren Comeau-Andres, Jocelyn Naves (Team Captain),Emily Engel-Fletcher, Cynthia Roman and 
floor posing Rachel Samayoa

Team Taco Holiday

Solomon Carreiro, Brandon Swofford, Kayla Branson, Joseph Enriquez (Team Captain) and Rafik Vardanyan

Good Luck to all the teams!

Next Post: 

And the 2017 24 Hours begins...

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another Watchcat Weekend!

This week, we got some great news! 

An animation student of mine and a Woodbury University alumni, Tyler Rogers 2017 senior film, Gator’s Aid will be screened at the Sony Pictures Animation event, World Animation Celebration International Short Film Festival.  Tyler directed, designed and animated a 2d short about a comic encounter by a hapless bird and a mother alligator. Tyler graduated this past May, with his B.F.A. in Animation. Congrats Tyler!

And Congrats to Watchcat Episode 2 which will also be screened at...  

International Short Film Animation Festival
 Held at... 
 9050 Washington Blvd. Culver City, California 
Saturday, Sept 30th & Sunday, Oct 1st

But you can see our film it below...

During this weekend's festival, I will be in Dallas for a Portfolio Review Day, while Greg will be working the crowd at the above event. Look for the guy in the Watchcat T-shirt...
(Kevin Conroy might even be there too.)

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We will post if we win anything, but right now just getting in the festival is a great reward! If anyone visited the festival, please let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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Next Weekend: The 24 Hours Animation Contest returns Oct 6 & 7! Here's a sneak preview...

24 Hours Animation Contest begins Oct 7th!

The 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students is back and will take place on Friday October 6th at 3pm PST to Saturday October 7th at 4pm.

For those that do not know, I have been running this international event for the past 15 years in which students around the world compete in teams of 5 to complete a 30 second animated film in just 24 Hours based on a given theme (by me). Believe it or not, with these tight constraints - many teams actually complete their films…in color!!!

Working from their home school all teams will start at the exact same time and submit a Youtube link to their films to aubry.mintz@csulb.edu before the deadline Saturday October 7th at 4pm PSTLate submissions will NOT be accepted so teams will need to plan ahead and trouble shoot any issues INCLUDING UNSENT EMAILS AND YOUTUBE LINKS THAT DO NOT WORK!!!. Teams will need at least one faculty advisor (one from each school is fine) that will make sure the students have necessary equipment and space to do their work. 

Each team must choose a TEAM CAPTAIN and choose a team name. Be sure the name is not offensive to others and is not similar to a registered team name (lists will be posted every few days on the 24 HOURS Facebook page): https://www.facebook.com/groups/24hourscontest/

TEAM CAPTAINS must register their 5-person team before Oct 3 2017 at the following link: http://www.123contactform.com/form-1560500/24-Hours-Animation-Registration
Finished films will be judged by a panel of industry experts and prizes awarded to the top 5 teams. In past years we have had excellent prizes from our industry sponsors, which have included: CSU Summer Arts, ToonBoom, DigiCel, Focal Press, CTNX, Wacom, Animation Magazine, ASIFA-Hollywood, Stuart NG Books, Disney, DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Laika, Film Roman and more!.

This contest will teach our students much about working together, meeting deadlines and making creative decisions under pressure AND they all have a lot of fun and return for more each year – so it’s a proven model they really enjoy. This has been such a successful event and has grown every year. In 2016, with 140 teams (700 students) from 26 schools (USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico) participating it was the largest one yet!  I plan to continue this every year and I hope you can join us.
If interested, please send attached RULES cheat sheet to your student/clubs and please let me know if we can expect participation from your school and I will add your schools name to our list and email group. It is completely free to participate.
Questions? Just ask! 

FYI: Here is a list of schools that participated in 24 HOURS 2016:
• Academy of Art University, San Francisco
• Cal State University San Francisco
• Columbus College of Art and Design 
• Drexel University 
• Ferris State University 
• Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne 
• ITESM Campus QuerĂ©taro, Mexico 
• Kansas City Art Institute 
• Kendall College of Art and Design 
• Middle Tennessee State University 
• Nevada State College 
• Ringing College of Art and Design
• Sam Houston State University 
• San Jose State University 
• School of Visual Arts 
• Seneca College, Canada 
• Sheridan College, Canada 
• South Dakota State University 
• ULAVAL, Quebec, Canada 
• University of California Berkeley 
• University of Melbourne/Victorian College of the Arts. Australia 
• University of Southern California 
• Woodbury University 
• Franklin HIGH SCHOOL 
School not on the list? No problem! Just send me an email and I will add it to our drop down menu so that your students see it there when they register. 
Happy teaching and “see” you at 24 HOURS!!!, 
Aubry Mintz, Professor/CSULB and 24 HOURS contest organizer Aubry.mintz@csulb.edu 949-547-2370