Saturday, November 10, 2018

The 3 Tooners!

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On the next Ambassador Goodtime EarTango Radio hour, you will meet 3 of the last Hanna Barbera artists, known as "The 3 Tooners", who are Tony Benedict, Jerry Eisenberg and Willie Ito
They all loved to draw as kids and entered the animation industry when there were only a few studios like Disney and Warner Bros. They all worked for well known directors and producers and eventually all worked together at Hanna Barbera on classic cartoon series like "The Flintstones", "The Jetsons" and many more Hanna Barbera titles. Their work helped influence a whole new generation of artists to become animators.

Tune into WU Radio on Tuesday, Nov 13th to hear part 1 of this 2 part interview.

Below is a link to a short documentary Tony made about his friend Jerry Eisenberg. 

And here's a video with Tony Benedict and Willie Ito.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Casey Robin Interview

Casey Robin is a Visual Development artist and can be heard in a WU Radio interview on the Ambassador Goodtime Ear Tango radio hour, starting Tuesday, Nov 6 - 12th @ 10 to 11pm pdt, and everyday from 4pm - 5pm or 10 - 11pm pdt.  

Follow this link to listen in...

Here is a project she worked on as part of the Walt Disney animation training program called "Chalk".
Casey's work can also be found at Listen to the Ear Tango interview and you will hear her sing!

Next: Tuesday, Nov 13th
"The 3 Tooners" interview with Tony Benedict, Jerry Eisenberg and Willie Ito, story designers, storyboard artists and writers on The Flintstones, The Jetsons and other Hanna Barbera classics.

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

From Acting to Directing

Listen to an interview with Jeremy Foley online at WU Radio starting Tuesday 10/23 to Monday 10/30, every night at 10pm PDT on the Ambassador Goodtime Ear Tango Radio Hour. 

Jeremy Foley began his career in front of the camera as a young actor. His first big film was "Dante's Peak" which lead to other films and TV series. He learned a lot while on set and eventually started to work on his own projects creating behind the camera.

"Mobsters" was a web series he helped produce and direct, here's a link to it from his website.   

Eventually, he began directing his own short films, beginning with a script his soon to be wife Sarah wrote called "Fated". Its a very interesting story set in a world where people are watched over and helped out to achieve their full potential. But there are some people who will never be able to do this even with extra encouragement. My explanation only tells a little bit about the story, but see the film on iTunes and watch the trailer below. 

Fated - Official Trailer from jeremy foley on Vimeo.

After "Fated", Jeremy found his next film idea in a short story that his father wrote years earlier. "The Faceless Man" is a surreal story about a man who wakes up with a mirror for a face and has to deal with his new situation. Check out the entire film below.

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The Halloween Episode
Tuesday 10/30 - 11/5

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Animation Pioneer: David Dodd Hand

Most people have never heard of David Dodd Hand who became Walt Disney's right hand man. He began his career as the 4th animator hired at Walt Disney's Hyperion studio and later became the supervising director on Snow White. He worked on 14 different feature films and even met the Queen "Mum" after he established an animation industry in English after working for Disney. 
In the new book, Animation Pioneer, David Dodd Hand, his son helps tell the story of his father's animated career and life. Its a fascinating autobiography, full of animation history and is a must for anyone interested in learning  animation history.

If you tune into WU Radio link at 10pm PDT from Tuesday 10/16 to Monday 10/22, you will hear a few of those stories from an interview with David Hale Hand about the book. You can also listen and subscribe to the Animateducated YouTube channel.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

24 hours contest winner of 2018

The announcement of the Winners of the 2018 24 hours contest is below. Check out the top five films below.

First Place - 243 points ($10,625 value) 
CSU Summer Arts
$1400 scholarship to CSU Summer Arts for each team member
Five life-time licenses of TVPaint Animation 11 Standard Edition for each team member
Pixar – Pixar prize pack for the winning team
CRC Press
“Ideas for the Animated Short, 2nd Edition” book for each team member

Second Place– 239 points ($8125 value)

CSU Summer Arts
$1000 scholarship to CSU Summer Arts for each team member
5 Harmony Advanced 1 yr license gift certificates for the winning team
DreamWorks - DreamWorks prize pack for the winning team
CRC Press
“Ideas for the Animated Short, 2nd Edition” book for each team member

3rd place – 237 points ($6375 value)

CSU Summer Arts
$750 scholarship to CSU Summer Arts for each team member
5x pro licenses of Digicel’s Flipbook software
Blue Sky - Blue Sky prize pack for the winning team
CRC Press
“Ideas for the Animated Short, 2nd Edition” book for each team member

4th place – 235 points ($1000 value)

Laika – Laika prize pack for the winning team
Stuart NG Books - $375 value
5 x $75 gift certificates for one winning team
CRC Press
“Ideas for the Animated Short, 2nd Edition” book for each team member

5th place – 232 points ($850 value)
Cartoon Network – Cartoon Network prize pack for the winning team
ASIFA-Hollywood –
5x 1 year Associate Memberships to ASIFA-Hollywood
CRC Press –
“Ideas for the Animated Short, 2nd Edition” book for each team member

Monday, October 8, 2018

It's the Superhero Episode!

Listen in Tonight to WURadio in Burbank,CA, USA, planet Earth in the 3rd dimension and every night at 10pm PDT until next Monday!
Follow this link to the show.

It sounds something like this...

This second show is all about Superheroes in songs and stories with a great interview by author J. R. R. R. jim Hardison about his comic book called "The Helm". 

Find out how a comic book is made and the other books Jim has written so far. Check out his webpage.

If you enjoyed this show, its just the beginning! 

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Curious if anyone is actually listen in or not?

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It's the Hand Episode with an interview with David Hale Hand about his dad, who was Disney's right hand man, David Dodd Hand.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A New Radio show

A new podcast is about to hit your ear waves called, "The Ambassador Goodtime Ear Tango Radio hour" which can be heard on WU Radio. Click the below link to listen...

Listen in every night at 10pm PDT to hear this new show.

Once a week, host JimR takes you on a tour of a common theme in songs, stories and an interesting interview based that common theme, (hopefully). 

I'm getting a lot of interviews about animation which I plan on posting without the music part due to copyright issues. Once the process is figured out, I will post those interviews onto the new Animateducated YouTube channel. Why not save yourself some time and subscribe to it today.

The first episode features an interview with Author Mindy Johnson and Animator Jane Baer about "Ink and Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation."

Each week we hope to have a special guest to talk about what they do or have done in the animation, comics or video game world. 
If you would like to be on the show or have a friend that would make a great interview, please email them to

2nd episode: 
Superheroes! Premieres Monday Oct 8th @10pm WURadio

Songs and Stories about Superheroes and meet J.R.R.R. jim Hardison the author of "The Helm" and hear about the process of making a comicbook.

If you have a theme or song requests, suggestions, got an interview or a theme song for the show? please email them to me at