Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meet the 2017 WU Animation Teams

This Friday at 3pm PST, the 2017 24 hours Animation Contest will begin. I thought you might like to take a look at the early beginnings of the contest and how Aubry Mintz came up with this unique learning experience. And then, meet the 2017 Woodbury University Animation Teams.

And now,


The 2017 Woodbury University Animation Teams

 Team Lemon Bar
Terra Nova Clinton, Jon Paramel, Kyla Mercado,  
Connie Chakma(Team Captain), and Lubna Abedin

The Hunky Brunch
Caitlin Kinkead (Team Captain),  
Shayne Cui, Mia Datuin,  
Hans Voegeli and Cruz Godinez

Get us out of here

Mimi Simhon, Catherine Broyles, Jackee Godin,  
Waverly Alonso (Team Captain) and Haley Weed

Team Deception
Juliane Snowden (Team Captain), Daisey Hoover, Eleyse Leatherwood,
Alexis Minguez. Front: Shaina Carroll.

A Team
Remington Radcliffe, Chip Cooney,  Dani Bowman (Team Captain), Jose Martinez and Luis Mendivil

Charlie's Animators

Lauren Comeau-Andres, Jocelyn Naves (Team Captain),Emily Engel-Fletcher, Cynthia Roman and 
floor posing Rachel Samayoa

Team Taco Holiday

Solomon Carreiro, Brandon Swofford, Kayla Branson, Joseph Enriquez (Team Captain) and Rafik Vardanyan

Good Luck to all the teams!

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And the 2017 24 Hours begins...

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