Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bob Kurtz, Animation Director

Bob Kurtz is the founder of Kurtz & Friends Animation in Burbank, CA. He is a Peabody Award winning director, producer, artist, and designer who primarily works in films and TV commercials. He's worked with everyone from George Carlin to Steven Speilberg and is still going strong. 

I've always wanted to talk to him about his amazing career in animation. My earliest memory of his work was as a kid I remember seeing this animated commercial for Chevron called "Dinosaur". 

You might have seen his educational animation segment "Mr. DNA" from "Jurassic Park".

Or saw this, if you lived in Chicago during the 80's.

Or this one, if you're a George Carlin fan.

Bob Kurtz started wearing masks for promotional photos, the artist behind his artwork.

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Here's the Live recording with Bob Kurtz talking about the making of some of the animation posted above.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Best of 2019 Ear Tango Radio hour

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Highlights include...

Mindy Johnson, writer of Ink and Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation and Jane Baer, Animator/Producer

Author and Comic book creator of "The Helm", J.R.R.R. jim Hardison

Mike Wellins, Owner of Portland's FreakybutTrue Peculiarium and museum 

The 3 Tooners; Tony Benedict, Jerry Eisenberg and Willie Ito

Dale Baer, Disney Animator

David Hale Hand talking about his father, Animation Pioneer David Dodd Hand.

Jeremy Foley, Actor/Director

Casey Robin, Visual Designer and good singer

Animation show of shows curator, Ron Diamond

and an animated couple, Allison Snowden and David Fine  with their new film "Animal Behavior"

The Deep Forest video from the beginning of the radio show.

Guests for 2019

Feb 5th: Animation Director Bob Kurtz 

Feb 12th: Animator Kathy Zielinski

Feb 19th: Author Gary K. Wolf, Writer and Creator of                 Roger Rabbit. 

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