Sunday, May 6, 2018

CSUN Career Day

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I went to the Career Day at CSUN in Northridge, CA where I met several students and got to take a look at their work. I also gave them Watchcat postcards and told them about my project. 

Many are learning 2D animation principles, which is a great way to learn animation. However most want to remain in the 2D animation world. Unfortunately, all studios do 3D animation and students should focus on learning as many tools as they can in order to land their first production job out of school.

I also stressed that they should graduate with a film or two that shows what they can do. The more you can show a potential employer what you can do, the more interested the employer will be in hiring you. 

We at Watchcat Films are hoping to involve more students who want to work in 2D animation by the making of future episodes, with the understanding that since we can't pay them at this time, we could pay them in other ways. We would allow them to use the finished scenes for their portfolios and would give them screen credit.
 Its not a lot, but to get a copy of an animation scene that you helped create, might lead to more work for the both of us. We personally would love to be able to pay artists, but presently we are in the hobby mode. That's the world where you have to prove that an idea is going to work or not. The only way is to produce something that can be shown in the hopes that an audience will want to see it and want to see more of it.

If you are interested in helping us out and use ToonBoom Harmony, please contact Jim at


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