Saturday, March 3, 2018

Animation History: March 2nd

Yesterday in Animation History

Back in 1886, Willis O'Brien was born and would eventually animate the first stop motion puppet of King Kong which would premiere on this day in 1933! 

This is from "Mighty Joe Young".

1922- A 21 year old veteran named Walt Disney after getting out of the army began studying in the public library Edwin Lutz's book "Motion Picture Animation and How it is Made" in the public library. In Kansas City, he and his brother Roy persuaded the owner of a small chain of  vaudeville theaters to fund some cartoons. The Newman's Laff-O-Grams Company was formed. A year later the Disney brothers would move to Hollywood and start a new enterprise called the Walt Disney Company. (from Tom Sito's blog)

Also in 1904 - Ted Geisel, cartoonist, animation director and author, Dr.Suess was born. 

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