Wednesday, October 5, 2016

24 Hour Contest for 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

The deadline for animation teams for this year's 24 Hour Animation contest has ended and this year's contest has 27 schools participating and 124 teams in competition. Woodbury University has 8 teams registered, twice as many as last year. That's 40 students ready to go!

24 HOURS 2016 THEME:
"There are four kinds of people in the world, Those who build walls. Those who protect walls. Those who breach walls. And those who tear down walls. Much of life is discovering who you are. When you find out, you also realize there are places you can no longer go, things you can no longer do, words you can no longer say." P.S. Baber, Cassie Draws the Universe
Collins dictionary definition of Wall:

1. a vertical construction made of stone, brick, wood, etc, with a length and height much greater than its thickness, used to enclose, divide, or support
b. (as modifier) ⇒ wall hangings - Related adjective: mural

2. (often plural) a structure or rampart built to protect and surround a position or place for defensive purposes

3. anatomy any lining, membrane, or investing part that encloses or bounds a bodily cavity or structure ⇒ abdominal wall.

4. mountaineering a vertical or almost vertical smooth rock face

5. anything that suggests a wall in function or effect ⇒ a wall of fire, ⇒ a wall of prejudice

Keeping in mind that walls can be both metaphorical and physical...

Create a 30 second animated film that includes a wall in one form or another

Discuss this topic , research, explore, find a point of view and make a 30 second animated film…you have 24 HOURS!!!

Here are this year's Woodbury animation teams and their films...

Dream Meme Team

Team Captain: Emily Engel-Fletcher, Alexis Minguez, Juju Snowden, Shaina Carroll and Sean Casey.

Drew Crew

Team Captain: Jada Kurian, Yongkang, Andrew Arcilla and Melissa Chavez .

 Fearless Five

Inez Mendosa-Perez, Evelyn Gutierrez,Team Captain: Kaitlynn Nichol, Nicole Jarquin,
and Julia Quandt. 

Milktoast Wimps

Jose Herrera, Alfredo Ramos,Cruz Godinez,Shayne Cui and below 
Team Captain: Hans Voegeli

Red ill



Liubov Tkacheva, Rachel Samamoa, Team Captain: Jocelyn Naves and Thomas Reddick


Team Captain: Catherine Broyles, Mimi Simhon,
Haley Weed, Jackee Godin and Waverly Alonso

The Hoots

Romeo "Rocky" Oscar, Vinci Go,Team Captain: Dani Bowman, Lauren Blergentis and Madison Shafer

The Sleepyheads

Prabu Rajaganappathy, Team Captain: Kane Boyer, Rafik Vardanyan, Lindsey Uslan and Cheska Denise Caro.

Next Post: The 5 Winners of the 2016 24 hour Animation Contest!

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