Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Green M&M: Getting a Performance

One of my first jobs in CG animation was to work on a variety M&M commercials when I was working at Vinton Studios. Recently, I came across a commercial which edited my animation into a brand new spot many years later.

Here's the original 2001 commercial, featuring the green M&M and a live action actor.

To help give the real actor his awkward performance, the director had the entire set surrounding the cameraman covered in graphic porno images. When the actor opened the door, he is actually looking at a collection naked images never seen by the home viewer. Now, re-watch the video and see if how he reacts in his scenes.

Many years later, this spot from 2006 features my Green animation again. If anyone knows what language this is or more about this spot, please let me know.

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