Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Animating videos

Watching other people animate a scene can be a rare treat and so, I've collected several videos showing this process. If you come across other videos like this, please send a link to me and I will include it on this post. All forms of animation are welcome...

This one was made during the success of Walt Disney's first animated feature"Snow White". Its a little dated, but very informative and fun to watch.

The great Glen Keane shows his process of animating a man getting out of a chair.

English Animator, Joanna Quinn demonstrates how she animates a scene.

You might be more familiar with her on going commercial work for Charmin toilet paper...

But she also has produced a variety of personal films including this one called, "Dreams and Desires Family Ties". Her use of animated camera transitions and character expression are amazing. If you can't understand the accents, enjoy the animation, especially when the camera is strapped on the dog's back.

And here's how Joanna Quinn puts all her animation together...

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