Sunday, January 11, 2015

Freelance Animation 102

The check did arrive and the first payment was happily received by my bank as I handed it to the teller. I start the task of doing character designs in a very simple and cartoon style. Style A is a group of typical stick people designs of kids and adult characters. I noticed while drawing the adult characters that the black stick arms and hands looked pretty creepy, but on the kids it looked fine.

I always like to do a few more samples to give the client a choice in which style they like the best. Here then is Style B, which is more of simple cartoon designs, without the stick limbs.

I thought these would be two different styles to start with and will be ready if the client has something else in mind. Sometimes designing the characters takes the longest to do, but in the end you will have a final design that everyone approves and you can start animating.

And so, give the choice of these two styles, which Style do you like? Style A or Style B? Let me know, and let's see if the Client agrees with you or not... Leave a comment, what Country are you from and your choice.
Merci, Danke, Muchas Gracias,Thank you

Next Time: Going with the chosen style...

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