Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome Class!

While teaching a beginning Animation class, I informed the students that the major animation studios are not looking to do anymore traditional animation, not even Disney. I explained that the 2d animation principles which they are currently learning now, can be applied to computer animation later on. Several students said they love the look of 2D and told me that they would bring 2D animation back in the future, just after graduating.

I would like to create a blog with several different purposes for teaching the old school methods of 2D as well as new techniques in 3D. I would also like to keep it fun and interesting, touching not only on the animation, but acting, storytelling and anything else that is a part of the animation process.
I'd love to hear from people who have worked in the industry or are just starting out.  I'm hoping to hear feedback from others who can join in the discussions and send me interesting things to post. I just don't want this blog to be a collection of link to other website, but perhaps that's how it works? Hopefully we will all learn something new. And if 2D animation is to return in the future, it needs interested people to keep it alive here and now.

So any other ideas, comments, credit card info, suggestions or thoughts. please let me know!


Art imitating Life!

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